Why stay at a motel, hotel or bed and breakfast, when you can rent an entire Victorian home for less?  We’re definitely a Great Value!!!

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E-mail: vacation@a-victorian-rose.com

Call: Catherine at 925/825-6462 or 925/639-0769 cell

A Victorian Rose Rental Rates:

Value Season-(Jan-Mar, excludes holidays)
$275 a night, $1750 per week, or $3750 per month.
Regular Season-(Apr-Dec)
$325 a night, $2000 per week, or $4050 per month
Holiday Rates-(Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July etc..)
$375 a night

The above rates are for ten guests. 
There is an additional charge of $10/guest/night, up to 14 guests
Pets are also $10/pet/night. 
There is a 10% county bed tax and a cleaning fee/stay.

Visa, Discover and Mastercard accepted.

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 Gift Certificates Available

All reservations are subject to cancellation & processing fees.
Rates are subject to change without notice.     


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General Policies:

1. Check in time is at 4 pm and Check out time is 11 am, unless special arrangements have been made.
Occupancy exceeding the sleeping capacity stated on the reservation confirmation after midnight will result in additional fees. Please note 10:00 pm is the noise curfew every night in Grass Valley.

2. At time of departure, guests are responsible for leaving everything as it was found! Please put all furniture and other items back to their original places, strip all used sheets from beds and dirty towels and place them in the laundry room, turn off all appliances, heaters, air conditioners, shut the windows, turn the hot tub back down or up to 95, wash all dirty dishes &/or run dishwasher, pick up all trash, empty all trash cans into outside garbage containers. As you depart, lock all doors & place the keys in the mailbox by the front door. Please check the house instruction book for all exiting procedures.

3. No refunds due to: Any inconvenience of an appliance not working, street construction noise or weather. Just as in your own home, these events are a part of living in a home and we will do everything in our power to minimize any such situation. We will provide emergency numbers just in case a situation arises.

4. There is No Smoking allowed in the house!  There are ashtrays outside, please clean them out on your departure.  You may be charged extra cleaning fees for cigarette butts on the grounds or excessive messes left in the house or recreation room. For Fire Safety, No candles are allowed on the premises. 

5. If anything gets broken or isn't working, please notify us as to not inconvenience our next guests. 

6. What should you bring:  Items like favorite bath soaps, shampoos, laundry detergent, beach towels, personal effects, & favorite cooking stuff.  We provide a fully equipped kitchen, bed linens, towels, toilet paper, dishwashing, dishwasher, & hand soaps. Don't forget to bring a great attitude for a wonderful vacation!!

7. All cancellations are subject to processing fees. Cancellations made less than 30 days of the time of arrival will be charged according to whether or not we can rebook the reserved dates.


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